Life at 5B

At 5B we pride ourselves on being a diverse workplace; diversity of background with many cultures contributing to a stimulating environment; our professional identities are respected and diversity of thought is highly valued.

Peter is a valued member of our 5Being team, and we are so glad to share Peter’s story of re-entering the workforce and overcoming the barriers often felt by people with disability, injury or illness when navigating the world of work.

Peter’s Story is part of the ‘Change the Story’ film project undertaken by Interact Australia to help shift thinking on differing levels of ability in the workplace.


Changing the world is not easy and can take its toll on anyone. At 5B, we care about our people and are committed to providing the resources and support needed for our team to be at their best.

We offer 24 hour counselling services, wellbeing allowances, office massages and yoga and mindfulness sessions


Our workplace must be safe, accessible and comfortable to as many great candidates as possible. This means flexible working arrangements, remote working and shared parental leave.

We've recently been certified as a work 180 employer for women for our initiatives around gender diversity.


We're on a bold mission and are determined to enjoy the ride. Laughter is key to our success. Kicking back with birthday cakes, Friday drinks, a coffee bar and endless snacks is simply our routine.

Like true Mavericks, the 5B Adventure Club regularly enjoys climbing, scuba diving, trail running and so much more.